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Paxos and Antipaxos islands

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Private Boat trips around Corfu

After a long period of hard work everyone deserves to treat themselves to a boat trip sipping champagne listening to relaxing music and admiring the amazing panoramas.

The answer is Michalas Boat Rentals.

Corfu is the second largest island of the Ionian Sea. The amazing deep blue and turquise crystal clear waters enhance the picturesque coastline with sceneries of captivating beauty and ulitmate tranquility making Corfu and its surrounding islands the best destination for Private Boat Tours. 

Special moments for special people! A lifetime of memories awaits you!

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Private boat tours to Paxos

Private Trip to Paxos & Antipaxos

The trip to the island of Passion seems like a movie experience, the lushious green of olive trees can be seen from the distance approaching the little harbors and beaches while you listen to relaxing music, conveying a warm feeling of serenity.

Private boat trips to Othonoi

Private Trip to Othonoi, a trip to the past!

Create unforgettable memories of the island that Odysseus walked and fell in love with Calypso. The incomparable natural beauty is captivating and takes you back in time. A trip to the small Greek island of Othonoi is something you should not miss.

Private boat trips to Erikousa island

Private Trip to Erikousa, the green island.

Spoil yourself at the two amazing sandy beaches called Porto and Bragini. Taverns can be found here, and you can enjoy grilled fresh fish and a glass of wine with your lover and the amazing Greek hospitality will stay on your mind for a long time.