Erikousa Island, north west side of Corfu


Erikousa is the ideal place for relaxation


A Private boat tour to one of the greenest islands of the Ionian sea is an absolute outstanding idea that feels like a real escape from the usual.

Easy to reach

Erikoussa island can be reached in about 15 minutes with a cruising speed of 25 knots. Nice small restaurants to eat.

Nice and secluded beaches

It is famous for its endless bushes named Reiki, which cover the greatest part of the island and gives it a dark amazing purple color.

Economic Tour

The island is very close to Paleokastritsa and the fuel consumption is very low. We can hook the boat and you can do snorkelling and spearfishing.


One of the three Diapontia islands named after the bush Reiki which flourishes during October and makes the island a purple oasis.

Erikoussa is an undiscovered destination.  Azure Ionian waters a natural beauty make Erikoussa a hidden gem destination for travellers from all over the world.

The new marina marks a new era for the island meeting high demand for mega yacht owners.