Othonoi Island, west side of Corfu


Othonoi is the ideal place for relaxation and fishing


Othonoi is the ideal place for relaxation and fishing


A trip to the small Greek island of Othonoi is something you should not miss!

Easy to reach

Othonoi can be reached in about 25 minutes with a cruising speed of 25 knots. Nice small restaurants to eat.

Travel in the past!

The main tourists’ attraction is the Church of Virgin Mary, which can be found on top of a hill. It is well constructed and maintained since the year it was built, 1600.

Economic Tour

The island is very close to Paleokastritsa and the fuel consumption is very low. We can hook the boat and you can do snorkelling and spearfishing.


The scenery en route will just blow your mind It was here that the famous french explorer of the deep seas Jacque Yves Cousteau was so enchanted by the island they he named his exploratory boat Calypso according to the ancient myth Othonoi was the island of Calypso daughter of Atlanta. Here is one of Greece s best kept secrets a beach aptly named white sand  fine snow white sand contrasts the deep blue waters and green cliffs ,here you will find the cave of calypso where she and Odysseus lived out their romance for seven years!

A  little harbor is the perfect spot to take a lunch in a traditional little taverna pinching yourself to make sure you are living this dream as reality.