Paxos is the most amazing location to be!


Exotic beaches with crystal clear water!


Go ahead, do your self a favor!


The Carrabean of the Ionian!


the trip to paxos seems like a movie experience the luscious green of the olive trees can be seen from a distance while taking beautiful photos and listening to relaxing music.
as we get closer to paxos the little harbors and beaches convey a warm feeling of serenity

Long drive

Paxos and Antipaxos can be reached in about 60 minutes with a cruising speed of 25 knots. Exotic beaches and places to visit.

Travel in the past!

Both islands are extremely picturesque, because of their nature and historic monuments, which date before the 15th Century.

Not Economic Tour

The island is rather far from Paleokastritsa and the fuel consumption is in medium range. We will visit Paxos and Antipaxos.


Everyone must have their swimming suits in order no to miss a swim in the crystal clear blue ionian waters.  A hat to protect from the sun and of course a water proof camera to capture the most amazing moments. 

According to legend, Paxos arose from the ionian sea at the command of Poseidon to provide a meeting place for himself and Amfitriti! Its creation out of love for love must be the reason why visitors throughout the ages have found this island so fascinating.

World famous for its turquise waters Paxos is endowed with beautiful beaches in all the colors of blue you could imagine. The west coast is dominated with sandy shores that gently lead into the sea. The uninhabited west coast is renowned for its wild beauty vertical cliffs plunge abruptly into the deep waters with mysterious caves and impressive arches. Paxos is one of the rarest islands in the world and is protected by the E.U's foundation Natura.


The ultimate trip to Antipaxos is the new "trend". Antipaxos is located 3 km south of Paxos, even though Antipaxos is the smallest of the Ionian islands distinguished for its exotic sceneries it proudly owns two amazing beaches Voutoumi and Vrika world famous for their transparent waters and breathtaking setting.

A paradise on earth!